Post 2021: snow day blahs…

Dougy’s having snow day blahs…

“Will a good skritching help, kitty?” I ask. Did I mention I opened the door so the kitty boys could see the blizzard? Dougy, of course, sneaked out and I had to step out into the snow to retrieve him. I think that’s why he’s blue. He was having a good snoop when I ended his fun!


We know a good skritching works well on Andy!

All red roads are closed because of the blizzard.

31 thoughts on “Post 2021: snow day blahs…

    • If only he listened…! (Whern I get out of the shower, he realizes there’s a possibility of getting that stuff on him, so he runs away as soon as the door opens! (Yes, two cats sit outside the door while I shower! LOL!)

    • He is highly enthusiastic! Of course, the kitty boys have thick coats that repel melting snow for a longer time than I’m willing to let Dougy snoop around outside.

    • That pretty well describes it. Where I live, we got lots of snow, but large parts of the state and region affected by the blizzard also had major flooding. Of course, many towns and cities in the eastern part of the state were built along rivers and creeks. On the western end, we werre able to tap the Ogallala Aquifer, so typically didn’t build as often where floods might occur. (As soon as I wrote that, I thought about three towns out here on the Platte river!)

    • I’m terrible about wearing shoes unless I have to go to town or something outside the house. For brief steps outside the house to pick up Dougy, I more likely than not am barefooted!

    • I’m f=doing jusdt that!@ It’s supposed to ease up by midday, and the snow rtemoval people should be ablke to start dealing with the snow on the lanes at least. I will clear the walk to my duplex later, perhaps tomorrow morning, after the blowing and snowing’s done.

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