Post 2023: in which Dougy initiates a new toy…brutally

What’s this? Dougy’s interest is up.

It “flies” into his face, but Dougy doesn’t have his kitty on just yet.

Hmmm. Dougy thinks about this a bit, and…

Kill! Kill! Kill! I guess he likes it.

18 thoughts on “Post 2023: in which Dougy initiates a new toy…brutally

    • I’m a life member of the Nebraska Ornitholigists’ Union (true!) . and I can verify the turdican is capable of great speed and durability!

    • I was surprised he was such a hit. I think the factg they are the size of real birds (there are two of these toys) has something to do with it.

    • Oh yeah! If I let Dougy have his way with these bird toys, he’d do just that! He goes through the process of “killing” it in finest kitty tradition, then rips at the neck or abdomen to get at what he must think will be a yummy dead bird lunch. It’s a bit alarming because it suggests yet one more reason not to let the kitty boys have freedom to roam outside. I think both would be excellent predators, based on how they play with their Neko toys and, now, these bird toys. Dougy and Andy (to a lesser extent) love to destroy furniture. I think they’d make a good “My Cat From Hell” episode, though I know Jackson Galaxy would eventually determine I am the reason they are naughy. LOL!

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