Post 2088: a fine morning…

Dougy spotted something (bug?) and was really interested!

But I showed him something else of interest after he settled down for a nap.

Woo hoo! That Cat’s Meow toy wasn’t much of a hit, but this kitty lure off the toy is! (Must remind cats of a mouse’s tail.)

It’s one of Dougy’s favorite toys, such as it is.


…and fun to chew!

18 thoughts on “Post 2088: a fine morning…

    • The toy it came off of entertained the kitty boys just as long as it took them to realize the random motions of the “tail” “running” around the circle might not be predictable, but that the “tail” always returned to the same spot soon enough. All they had to do was lie on the side of the toy, and it would return to them. It wasn’t much exercise lor interest for them, and once the caught the “tail” on the first time it returned to the kitty, it was trapped and they had exhausted the play value of the toy! On the other hand, once I took it off the toy (well, it fell off!), it was much more fun because I could control the randomness much better than the mechanical toy.

  1. One of my long ago kitties loved to carry around one of those plastic red & white fishing bobbers – it was too big for him to swallow, but just the right size to carry around.

    • String has the same effect here, as does the broken off piece of the Cat’s Meow toy that looks like a tail (I guess). My sister’s late kitty, Sox, used to be very aggressive when anyone tried to take a toilet paper tube away from him. I try to avoid buying cat toys becAuse they end up more enthralled with the box they came in, of course!

      • Oops! Thinking of another one that could be chewed into pieces. This one is fairly robust. Dougy chews on the “tail” but no marks of breaks in it show up. I’m impressed! I still check it from time to time to assure the=at it continuies to be whole.

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