Post 2146: doubting Thomas…

It’s been a day since the bug was sqaushed, but Dougy still thinks there is a bug to be found on the light stand. He is a doubting Thomas!

22 thoughts on “Post 2146: doubting Thomas…

    • That’s a place where the kitty boys can expect light-seeking bugs, so I think he more likely expected something (the same of not) to show up.

  1. That’s his curly vibrissae on his face and over his eyes. How often does one get to use the technical term for those “whiskers”?! Whiskers works for the ones on their muzzles, but eyebrow whiskers sounds, um, werird. LOL! I’ll delete the extra comment for you.

    • Come to think of it, you may be right about the “stare at one thing for a long time” business. They do do that!

    • LOL! Unfortunately, this time of year, all I have to do to do that is open the door. I have hollyhocks immediately outside, and they attract pollinators and pollinator predators,

    • That’s one of my big complaints about WordPress. It would be nice to be able to edit after posting one’s comments. I frequently notice typos and other errors (like posting twice!) after it’s too late. Not to worry: I’ve been there and totally understand! I deleted it for you.

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