Post 2158: in which I realize I can do this from hospital

IMG_20190731_093210…missing you! I am much better but still in hospital. This is difficult to do because typing screen posts over actual screen so it’s a blind effort. Please look at old posts  for your kitty boy fix . Andy’s to and Rough ain(Andy and Dougy, in smartphonese) are in great hands, safe and loved – and given kitty food and kitty treats – by my friend Judy. This message only took two and a halfish hours to create but I love you all! This definitely is it till I get home.

37 thoughts on “Post 2158: in which I realize I can do this from hospital

    • Dumb stubbornism! I used to spend days working on spreadsheet formulae that did really small tasks but required a complex path to the answer. I think tahgt helped give me the mindless will to master the smartphone!

  1. I missed some of your post and I learn you are at the hospital, Doug ?
    is the cause the poisonous food whom you speak some days ago.
    I wish you a quick recovery.
    And what about the dialysis ?
    In friendship

  2. Hi Doug,

    Boy was I surprised to see you posting after our “conversation” yesterday.

    (Note to others – in this age of high tech, the ability to carry on a decent verbal conversation via a “smart phone” can be … to put it succinctly … frustrating. I think that Doug and I hung up and redialed each other both ways a half dozen times – or more – before establishing an audio link suitable for communication. Establishing communication with a distant alien civilization might have been easier.)

    So Doug, I take it that you are enjoying the fun of thumb-typing and autocorrect on your cellphone (as am I just now). At least you can read the comments :-). If you have access to email on your phone you can contact me directly if you need anything and I’ll do what I can. I’d give you a call but based on our fun yesterday it might be easier to communicate through some form of text.


  3. Now that I know you might be able to read comments –
    We’re all purraying and praying for you and the boys, who must be very concerned about your absence.

    • What I was told yesterday was suggestive of a long recovery, and my friend cb was one of those I contacted when things were their most unsettled. I still will be doing limited comments – smart phones are TEDIOUS! – I am trying to thank those who expressed concern, pray, miss Andrew and Douglas….

  4. Marvelous to hear from you Doug and get a glimpse of Andy and Dougy! Missed you this morning and thought I’d have to tough it out. Many hopes that you will feel better and get to come home soon!

  5. Well, you had just better get well and yourself home. You have an obligation to your fans, Doug!!
    (No, just take your time and get better on your own terms. I know I’ll be here waiting on you! 🙂

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