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It cb again from

(Sigh) Doug is back in the hospital again in Scott’s Bluff.

As many of you know Doug is on dialysis. Yesterday his fistula sprung a leak and long story short his apartment looks like a crime scene. CSI Alliance has their work cut out for them.

Doug called me this morning to let me know what what going on and this is the first time I have had a sufficiently good internet connection (and wasn’t driving) to post and update.

Doug is doing fine now someone has their finger in the dike so to speak. Kitty boys are safe but a bit rattled from all of the commotion from the blood and the first responders. Judy is taking good care of them.

I don’t know if he will do so, but I am sure that Doug would love to tell you the details in more colorful language than I have used here.

Anyway that’s it – I’ll post more as I know it.

cb (for Doug)

PS – Sir Edmund Hillary and Pickles wish Doug a speedy recovery and say hi to Andy and Dougy

Note their intense concern

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    • Thank you! As horrific as the experience was – see Post 2168 – it was a relatively straihght forward fix. My stay in hospital was short and pain free.

    • They were traumatized by all the emergency personnel and piolice that came into the apartment to prepare me for transport to the emergency roomn, but they also weere alarmed (!0 by all the blood everwhere. Mre. Too.

  1. We are sending purrayers and POTP to Mr Doug and the Kitty Boys. Thanks for letting us know how things are going and that the boys are well cared for while Doug recovers.

  2. I understand as much as I suffered of a similar thing . Last Saturday my fistula sprung a leak too and my jacket was full of blood but I still was at the hospital
    My best wishes fir Doug
    In friendship
    ps ; your black and white cats do not like too tired ! 🙂

    • Gad! It is the risk one deals with when one has a b=fistula! When you read my Post 2168, where a fullk description of the ordeal, you will, I hope, learn something that can help you avoid the worst possible bleed out. It was the worst experience of my life, Michel!

    • Though it was a horrific experience, it was one the doctors were able to address wuickly. I went into the hospital on Saturday morning, and was out by Tuesday afternoon.

    • Thank you! Chris (cb) was very gracious about writinmg and posting the update for those who follow my blog. His kitties were a surprise addition to the post. Beautitful catd, aren’t they!

  3. Thanks for updating us again, CB! All of us here on the farm wish Doug a speedy recovery from this latest scare, and hope he is back home soon. Many thanks to his neighbor for taking care of the kitty boys while he is in the hospital again. I know they miss him while he is away.

    • It was a quick time at the hospkital. I sent in Saturday, and got out Wednesday afternoon. Though my friend Judy (who took care of the kitty boys) cleaned up the horrific bloody mess in the bathroom to a big dg=egree, there are lots of other blood splatters to deal with. I bled a frightening ab=mount oif blood.

    • Thank you, Gerry! You and I don’t mess around with the little things when the big things are possible! Fortunately, the fix was simple, after studying years to become a surgeon and practicing decades more, so I’m glad the fellow whi met me in the emergency room at the Scottsbluff hospital happened to have those credentials. He also was the surgeon who created the fistula in the first place.

  4. Oh no! The way you describe it made me laugh, I confess, but I’m hoping this gets fixed and Doug is back home with the kitty boys.

    Your kitties look adorable! Thank you for giving us an update.

  5. Thank you again for letting us know, cb. So sorry to hear Doug has to be in the hospital again. I sure missed his post this morning! I hope Doug will recover quickly and come home soon. Sir Edmund Hillary and Pickles are really cute kitties.

    • Amdy and Dougy are quirte4 comfortable with Sir Edmund Hillary and Pickles (both beautiful kitties!0 because they are in Nebraska, and the other kitties are in Texas!

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