Post 2170: the new Andy is the same as the old one in some respects…


Here’s the new Andy, post grooming Wednesday…


…who enjoys the same pleasures! Woo hoo! >purr! purr! purr!<

(The only thing is they look more alike now, so I have to be a bit more careful identifying which is which.)

18 thoughts on “Post 2170: the new Andy is the same as the old one in some respects…

  1. Mom says you could put a different color of collar on them to help tell them apart. But she bought me a few collars and I find that they are itchy around my neck, so I really only wear them when Mom and Dad go out-of-town and leave me with the pet sitter. Winks.

    • I have two collars that areq, in fact different colors. If I made them wear collars, they’d be coler-coded! I think long-haired cats are better off without them since the hair hides things like collarsthat are too tight. Just my thought on it.

  2. I have just read the post 2168 ( Bloody hell) and commented
    The brothers after groom have a very good style but this has not changed their personality ! 🙂
    II hope you are better after the blood crisis . Take care of you, Doug.
    In friendship

    • Yes, I am doing well, Michel. I saw the surgeon today and he will create a new fistula in mid-September. The surgery he did on the old one is healing well, with no infection or pain. I talked with the manager of the dfialysis unit yesterday. We are agreed that work on some sort of work instructiuon about fistula issues is needed. Though the niurses made an appointment to see the surgeon for an evaluation of the fistula, had they experienced what happened to me, they would have made sure the appointment was made sooner than it was. (I find no fault with anyone in this situation – fistulas are usually reliable ways to deliver dialysis! ) My advice to you, Michel, is to make sure your care givers know about any change in your fistula, especially bleeding or changes in apperance. No matter how insignificance something may seem, it can be serious.

      • The appointment came one day too late for you, Doug.. I had bleeding some times recently and I started to worry . But the nurses are informed and formed . Yesterday I got special cares and so, no leak.
        In friendship

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