Post 2180: Pooped!


Dougy wanted to play, so I brought out a favorite kitty toy.


That barely lasted a few minutes before Dougy decided it was time for a cat nap.

20 thoughts on “Post 2180: Pooped!

  1. Oh my: when I read the title I wondered what on earth this post was going to be about! We Brits tend to think of “poop” as a verb, and “pooped” suggests that maybe some cleaning up needed to be done in your house! 🤣

    • LOL! That’s a small weekly that mostl;y covers community events in a small town in the Nebraska Sandhills. I get it since my cousin publishes it.

        • I wish there were a major newspaper or two available here. The Denver POost used to deliver here, then stopped, and the Omaha World-Herald used to be the state newspaper until they decided they couldn’t make money delivering to the western third of the state and dropped home deliveries unless you wanted to pay for mail delivery! (The edition we got out west was already an update of their Omaha market evening edition, so the prospect of a three day old newspaper delivered by mail, well…! No problem on the Grant County News, though John.

    • I’d miss the exercise of shaking my fist at the screen and making rude gestrures when certain politicians showed on the screen…

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