Post 2211: A surprise for Andy…


I felt like giving Andy a surprise.

andy get s his tootsies tickeled

Yes, I tickled his toes.



Dougy has an eye infection that requires five days of antibiotic gel and corneal repair eye drops two, three times a day. Lucky Dougy, lucky Doug! Fortunately, he doesn’t bite or scratch while being medicated, but he does perform a contortionist routine that makes it difficult to get the gel and drops past his tightly clenched kitty eyelashes. I will win! (The corneal repair drops say they are a gel on the label, but they actually are a liquid)

Dougy’s blood analysis indicates he is a healthy kitty, with one characteristic slightly out of normal range. I was concerned about his weight, which has dropped about 10% in the past three years. Though that doesn’t  show up as diabetes in his blood work (whew!), I do hope to help him put some weight back on. I personally think  the problem is he’s not food aggressive enough to get his share of wet food and treats. Andy is! (Andy on the other hand, feels a bit trending toward “tubby”….)

I was encouraged that Dougy was his usual at the veterinarian clinic Wednesday; He always hops off the examination table to explore the room! He’s done this since he was a wee kitten, and some things never change. He is my little explorer!

While Dougy’s in treatment, I may post less about him. That eye looks a bit gross, especially since the antibiotic gel that doesn’t get in his eye the first time or two has to be wiped off his fur, leaving a greasy mess. Until I get my doctoring skills up, a certain part of the gel will be wasted in failed attempts to get it in his eye.


17 thoughts on “Post 2211: A surprise for Andy…

        • Yes, we are all doing h=fine here, though I am concerned Dougy is a bit light – I suspect Andy’s hogging the wet food – and I’m working on getting him plumped up a bit. Right now, he’s OK but at the bottom l=end of acceptable, per his veterinarian. I’m encouraged that he does seem to enjoy the kitty treats again, so I’m putting out more than Andy can eat so Dougy gets his share regardless of little Piggy! Their regular kibble is meant for older cats, so is lighter in calories. I feel it might be too light in calories as that has been Dougy’s primary food. (Andy eats most of the wet food, which is meant to supplement water and calorie content, be a change from dry food. Fortunately, both do drink adequate water, something they’ve done from kittenhood.)

          • Yes, we have the same combination of dry and wet food, and it’s just as difficult to monitor who eats what, as they all share the same dishes. Has your vet suggested any kind of supplement for Dougy?

          • Not yet. Dougy has an appointment for Friday. I will ask his veterinarian about the possibility of a supplement for him. I think Andy keeps his weight up by being a treat hog. It is concerning, though, that Dougy is too thin at the moment and there is no pathological reason for it, something determined recently when he was in for another visit.

          • He comes out of his fine! The blog about his visit there is one of the most photographed ones yet, and I hope you are amazed and entertained by his adventure trying to find a way out of the examination room!

    • Dougy’s always been an explorer kitty. If there is a hiding place in the examination room, he’s found it one time or other!

    • He resists being held on his back, the easiest way to position him to put the medication in his eyes. I do wrap a heavy bath towel around him to immobilize his (mostly!), and that works well. After, he sticks around, rubbing on my legs and letting me know he still wants to be my buddy. I think the medication must make his eye feel better for that reason. I was afraid he’s become fearful of me, something I really don’t want, of course.

    • We’ll see how he is Monday, the last day of the medication. I will be happy to be done with it, so will Dougy! I’ll have to call the clinic to find out when we can come in for a verification of the efficacy of the treatment. This is a chronic problem with Dougy so I want to be absolutely sure I got the job done.

  1. we hope your eye helas up dear Dougy…. and you are a trooper and much better than the mama… she kicked our dad as he dropped the meds in her eye and she screamed that the whole hood was alarmed…

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