Post 2138: Yeah, this one’s Andy. I’m 50% sure.

After yesterday’s embarrassment where I confused photos of Andy as being those of Dougy, I paid attention today. Yellow eyes: check! Perched where Andy usually perches: check! Floofy hind legs (Dougy’s are a bit skimpy till they grow out again – lots of mats cut off): check! Narrower face than Dougy’s: check! Eyes closer together than Dougy’s: check!

Yes! I’m 50% sure I got it right this time. LOL!

Post 2137: Tah-dah! The haircuts!

Dougy before..

…and after. I was especially concerned he’d look like he’d end up with a “soup bowl” haircut, leaving him looking patchy. Athena, his groomer, however, managed to deal with all the huge mats professionally. His hind legs are a bit wonky-looking, but amazingly acceptable considering how much Athena had to trim out! (Thanks a ton, Athena! I gave you a mess and you handed me a beautiful kitty back!) She assured me Dougy was mostly a good boy and she forgave him one bad moment considering what he had to endure till she was through grooming. 

Andy came out looking pretty good, too! Here he is before…


…and here he is after. What a pretty boy

The next kitty day at the spa comes on March 22nd. I know I’ll need to pay particular attention to Dougy so he doesn’t get those hidden mats on his tail end. I thought I was in control but (no pun intended) I didn’t stick my hand back there to detect anything I should be aware of on the chance I might find something I didn’t want to discover with my hand. LOL!

Oops! These are Dougy’s “after photos’ The three immediately under Dougy above these three are all Andy after, not Dougy. Confused? Well, so was I! LOL!


Post 2136: well aged now…

andrew for congress

Andy’s run for Nebraska’s 3rd District seat in the US House of Representatives wasn’t a success. He was judged to be too young, too inexperienced at the time.

and for poresident Time wizened , survivor of many battles, Andy’s prepared in 2020 to take on the biggest prize of all! (The mainstream analysts felt Andy’s earlier campaign poster hurt Andy by showing his horns more than any issue with his tender age at the time. Could be, could be.) 






Post 2135: Ha! Ha! They’re English!

Andy acts true to form. He blocks the captions on the film I’m watching.


Guess what, Andrew James Thomas…


…it doesn’t make any difference because the actors are English and they enunciate their lines crisply, clearly. I don’t need the captions to follow the story this time! (So he leaves.)


Post 2134: the mats episode…


Dougy enjoys quiet moments on his ottoman.


Then he shifts to his other side…

then his other again, just long enough for Doug (the human) to discover tiny mats on Dougy’s leg. Of course, Doug tries to remove one or two!


Dougy is very, very, very upset about that! He hops down to the new box-newspaper nest where Doug is too far away to pull and tug on any mats! Dougy will have none of that today! If he has to, he can run away from Doug really fast from this place.

(The kitty boys have their quarterly grooming appointment this coming Wednesday, two days from now. I decided I need to have the kitty boys trimmed closer this time, though they do look really pretty with longer hair. Dougy in particular gets mats readily and isn’t too cooperative about letting me trim and pull them out. I began having them trimmed several years ago because of the mat issue. At this point, they are the only cats among the clients of the groomer I take them to, by the groomer’s choice.)  

Post 2133: Touchy! Touchy!

Andy can be a moody little cat. I scratched his neck and he put out his “Paw With Four Pointed Early Warnings You’d Better Stop It ~ NOW”!

Seems rubbing his ear today is a no-no, too!

Let’s take a closer look… Touchy! Touchy! The pointy warning tips are flexing in their sheaths. 

Post 2132: sneaking…

No matter how stealthy you think you are…


…it’s a trick to sneak up on a kitty boy! Ouch!


Post 2131: how to make Dougy happy…

The head! The head! (Rub lightly.)

Mmmm! The cheeks and chin! (Scratch the chin vigorously, but the cheeks…lightly, please~!)

My word~! (The ears deserve tender treatment, too! Purr! Purr!)

Wow! The neck thanks you! (Dougy likes vigorous neck “scritches”!)


Best of all! That spot between the eyes! (Dougy likes it vigorously rubbed, you bet! If Doug does it just right, Dougy drools.)


Post 2130: Andy makes his move…


Andy watches Dougy closely for signs he’s about to leave the newspaper-new box nest.


It looks bleak for Andy’s turn!

Dougy leaves eventually, though, and Andy quickly readjusts the newspaper nest to his specifications!

Time to take a cat bath before…


…posing nicely for his portrait!







Post 2129: Andy is a rascal…



Andy’s doing a cat bath on the end table, but decides he needs to…

…move to the television stand where…

…he’s a nuisance! Bad kitty!