Post 2321: moving on after the new box


I heard scratching by the new box. Dougy was digging a nest in the newspapers that I really should toss one day. (The kitty boys like them….)


I guess the new box time is finally, officially concluded! Dougy finished his  newspaper nest and is sleeping in it.


You can tell I don’t have a wife or the newspapers and box would be gone, pronto!


“Rested and ready for Freddy”!* Dougy had a nice snooze and is ready to do “kitty things” again… 

…or take another nap. That’s a “kitty thing” after all!

*My family used this expression – “ready for Freddy” – decades before the Freddy Kreuger horror movies and the song that suggested “ready for Freddy” was to be ready to be killed by Freddy Kreuger, that is, the grave. We used it in the sense of “ready to go” in that more innocent time when the only scary thing was the prospect of a nuclear bomb dropped on your front yard. The expression was teen talk in the 1950s, when my older siblings were, um, teens. Cool! See you later, alligator!