Post 2169: Floofy tail time!

20200228_183229 (1)

Don’t judge me!

20200228_183311 (1)

You’d run tour hand through Andy’s floofy tail, too, if you could! (And he likes it, too!)


11 thoughts on “Post 2169: Floofy tail time!

  1. A floofy tail must be different than a bottle brush tail. I get a bottle brush tail when I’m scared. Nobody wants to run fingers through it but a floofy tail would be really hairy. So you can get knots in it though. I wouldn’t like that. Wanna trade? My bottle brush for your floofy tail.


    • They don’t get knots in their tail hair for some reason, and the sensation of running a floofy tail through one’s hand is to touch silk!

    • Both of my kitty boys are very tolerant of me doing this. Of course, I start at the head and end at the tip of their tails at first, then just concentrate on the tail. It doesn’t hurt that I “scritch” the top of the base of their tails, too, making the whole experience one of mixed pleasures.

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