10Mar20: Dougy in action!

Dougy tends to Dougy needs!

25 thoughts on “10Mar20: Dougy in action!

        • I had a few posts prepared, and the murdered ottoman shows better on the 12th, and 13th even better. It seems the one I drew your attention to is one that doesn’t really show what I was talking about. Sorry about that! Oh! I said “recliner”. I’m full of it.

          • I must have been thinking that you’d see the destroyed ottoman on this day, but what you see is Dougy ripping away at the ottoman, which eventually lead to major destruction to the fabric.

          • They keep me entertained! I really think having two siblings is the way to go if a person is going to have pets of any species. If not siblings, then two of the same species, especially if one has to be away from the home from time to time like I do.

          • I thought that day was the one, but you di see the process he uses to destroy furniture and the bravado of his challenge to anyone who things he can put his feet on that ottoman just because that’s why he bought it in the first place. LOL! Dang cat!

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