01Apr20: mosquito…


Andy has a new favorite kitty game!






That’s a nightmare sized mosquito, eh?! Not to fear, Andy will take them on.


My sister in Seattle shared this photo of her kitty girl Saki’s fine tail:

saki's fine tail

I thought you might enjoy it, too!



35 thoughts on “01Apr20: mosquito…

    • Me, too! The little buggers are sufficient aggravation! (Andy says to tell you “Meow!”, which I’m reasonably certain is “Thanks!”

    • I’m wrapped in three flannel blankets and another one over my shoulders myself! I’m cold blooded for sure and fully appreciate your kitties hogging the heating vents!

    • Andy especially likes String himself. That was the first time for Mosquito. Fly he likes as well, though not as much as the two others. Yes,m Saki has one magnificent tail! >>Andy insists I give his amazing tail equal time. I suspect you haven’t seen this video yet since you are one of the newer people on this follow list:


        • I go back to Summer of 2009, I believe it was. I don’t recall when anyone started following this, frankly, just have a gut feeling you’ve been around for a longish time, if not from the start. It would be nice if there were an easy way of tasking WordPress to list date of start for people! Regardless, I appreciate your support! As for the videos, they are weird. I had to hit the large start icon and the small one at t=least once each before it played for me. Now they play if i hit either one once. Good luck! They just show Andy in action, which i think helps you appreciate their cat qualities!

          • That’s good. The shorter ones were taken with my smart phone, and a quirkier when it comes to getting them to play. Sometimes I have to click on the icon twice or once on the one on the image and once on the little one. It’s tedious business sometimes! Anyway, I’ve found many people’s blogs the same way, including John’s.

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