15Apr20: disaster time activities…

Dougy and Andy have behaved for several days now. Thank you Birbug wand toy! 

We try to establish healthy routines, too, and wash up frequently…

…but, in these “Plague Days”, we all are watching too much television,.

“Hey, Andy! I can’t see through you!”


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19 thoughts on “15Apr20: disaster time activities…

    • He actually is. You can watch him and see he is reacting to things on the screen. I think he expects me to play cat games on the screen. If there’s anything that looks even vaguely like a cat game (things racing across the screen, like cars or people running), he definitely reacts!

  1. Glad you all found some activities in play-gue time. We’re trying our best at alternative backyard agility in the yard at our new headquarters. Benji

  2. Stay safe, Doug and Kittyboys! Being indoors drives me and Sunny kookoo, but it’s better to be well and be bored than the alternative. I couldn’t believe seeing my neighbor hold Easter dinner on Sunday with four guests in attendance. I’m sure she’s lonely and believes god will protect her (she’s a devout churchgoer—she once scolded me for working in the garden one Sunday morning instead of being in church), but she’s also opening the door to the virus in a community where most of the residents are over 70. Oh well. Hopefully nobody will get sick, and this plague will finally pass over us.

    • Sounds like a good person to avoid being around! I certainly would since I am highly vulnerable all the time, not just now. It’s unfortunate people fail to understand how irresponsible they are when they do things like she did. (I remind myself that “stupid” isn’t a requirement for being Christian, though many Christians seem so inclined.)

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