21May20: televison blocker…


Dang that Andy! Why does he always take a snooze in front of the television?


…but wait! That’s…


…Dougy, because…


…Andy’s at my right on the end table…! Silly me. Can’t tell one brother from the other!


20 thoughts on “21May20: televison blocker…

    • Pure luck! Since there isn’t a lot of difference from one day to the next, I have to look for these little inside jokes or similarities. There usually is something that works that way. On the 23rd, the first and last photos have television captions that reflect on the kitty elements

  1. I can relate. One of the duties my Kit feels he has to perform is to act as parental control when I lay in bed and try to watch TV. My 15 pounder always finds the perfect blocking position to lay so all I see is the back of his head. I shift position and so does he, unless his favorite show is on (My cat from Hell) then he sits and watches from the couch.

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