28Jun20: Terry and I are old friends…

terry in denmark

The past year, three long time good friends died. It’s hard to imagine a world without any of them, yet there still is time for happiness, the blessings of friends like Terry. Today is his birthday and I celebrate it with a hearty  skål!

Health and long life, my friend! You are a treasure!

terry on fist day of kindergarten

Terry on the first day of Kindergarten. We became friends at least two, maybe three years earlier when my family moved next door to his family.



What? No kitty photos today?

22 thoughts on “28Jun20: Terry and I are old friends…

  1. I stand with you in your sorrow at the losses of old friends, and joy at the birthday of your long time friend Terry. Wishing a happy birthday to Terry, and many more years to both of you, Doug!

    • Thanks! While my health is “iffy”, I am in constant care of people who don’t put up with my guy-like tendency to think any symptom will go away if I ignore it, and Terry is blessed with excellent health.

    • I have a positive attitude about such things. While I wasn’t ready for their passings, their bodies were in terrible shape because of injuries and disease. It was time, and time always wins.

    • Thanks, John. Their times had come. While their families and friends wanted them for longer, their bodies were suffering injuries and diseases that made the quality of life increasingly problematic.

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