30Jul20: Andy is one “Kool Kat”!

Sometimes I’ll feel this presence, like I’m under surveillance. I’ll look up, and there he is! Andrew, AKA Drew, AKA Andy sneaks around, pops up unexpectedly. Here, he’s “hangin'” on the recliner arm, Mr. Kool Kat. I, on the other hand, am uninteresting as soon as he spots a fly or something elsewhere in the room. 


Andy and I continue to miss Dougy, but he is always in our thoughts.

29Jul20: settling in…

Andy prepares for a – what else? – cat nap.


 Looks like a good time and place…


…but Andy has to take one last look to be sure!


This photo is not new to Facebook people on my follow list, but to you on WordPress, thanks to the recent, too recent and still on-going laptop crisis. (Yeah, it always takes a burn in period to one is comfortable with how things operate and where things are on the new laptop.) Andy and I always make the best of close proximity and cement our love and trust for each other with a kitty head bump. Boop!


28Jul20: What’s up?

Andy’s on top of the dining room cat tree, always a favorite of his, his late brother Dougy’s, and the late, great Louie the ginger cat’s. What’s up?


This dove representing the Holy Spirit that used to be over a small Christmas tree hangs from a beam over the kitty tree! The Christmas tree had to be taken down when I got my first kitty girl, Freckles, who preceded Louie. Initially, I just forgot to take it down when I took the cat-attractive Christmas tree down, but it is nice to have there for amusement of cats and for a reminder of a holiday on hold as long as I have a cat. 

26-27Jul20: nightmare set-ups for laptop and printer, and Andy’s coming and going…

But first, here’s Andy coming and going. I have that same sense after hours of trying to establish WiFi connections and working my way through the maze of Google passwords for, it seems, each step of the way. I worked up a literal dripping sweat and haven’t conquered much yet. I can do blogs. That’s a minor miracle. 


It’s nice not having to use one hand to hold the screen up and one finger to type everything. The old laptop was toast long before it quit working.


I saw a John  Garfield film this morning where he was boat captain. He wore this hat, a hat like one I wanted when I was a 50s kid. Mine was a light blue and I wore it with geeky pride, as I recall. Terrible!  

25Jul20: vicissitudes of being a kitty…

Andy just wants some private time to clean his “precious”.

Maybe a change of venue will work. Not if a fly stops by!

Is Doug (the human) crazy?! No kitty can catch that fly!

24Jul20: on the hunt…

I tossed a few of Andy’s kitty treats in the carrier the other day to divert his attention from his upset at being in the carrier for transport to the veterinarian’s. Today, he climbed in to see if any were left.


I could see him eating a Greenie, so the hunt was a success. Then he climbed on top of the carrier for…

…a cat nap.


Andy will be on a prescription diet to control formation of kidney stones. This is condition is common in older Persians, Though his blood pressure was better than last Winter, it still is elevated. He will continue to be on medication for that condition. Other than those two issues, Andy had excellent test results. One test remains. I get to collect a poop sample for that,,,,

23Jul20: Andy’s day, yesterday…


Andy’s at an age for cats – nine – where a comprehensive medical checkup is a good idea, unless you’re Andy, above in his carrier. The report is he was a “good boy” while there.

Andy was at the clinic from 7:30 till 2:00 yesterday. When we finally came home, he ran through the apartment, happy to be back in familiar territory, and trying to figure out what his priority for the moment was: eat, sleep, drink, groom, play?

He hopped on the stacked carriers to think it out. Oh, and to take a nap. That was easy!

Andy’s veterinarian had an emergency to deal with when I went back to the clinic to get Andy, so I will go to the clinic after dialysis today to learn the results of Andy’s checkup.


Ann Adamus of  Zoolatry created this badge of Dougy. I will attach it to this blog as soon as I feel up to finding the place where I do that. I think I remember, but am exhausted today. She did a beautiful job. Dougy’s on his ottoman in this photo, which I find appropriate and typical of my kitty boy. RIP Dougy.

dougy memorial ann adamus of zoolatry


21Jul20: a good kitty…


Andy has a chance to block the captions on this Ingmar Bergman version of Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte, a favorite opera of mine, and he doesn’t. Part he sleeps through…

…then sometimes he takes off on kitty business.

Of course, his path is across my laptop keyboard. It isn’t because he means to be bad. It just happens to be where he needs to walk!

He listens politely, too, because he is a good kitty.


We are healing, Andy and I. We will always have a hole in our hearts that only Dougy could fill, but we do have our fond memories of him. He was a good kitty, too.