12Jul20: where there’s light…

I suppose the heat off the light bulb feels good now for Dougy…

…till Andy >boops< him off and sends him to the kitty lounger.

20 thoughts on “12Jul20: where there’s light…

      • Doug, I was shocked to read about your loss. That post did not accept any comments, so I am writing it here. I don’t have enough words to express my deepest sympathy! I will always remember mischievous little Dougy whose antics warmed your heart and brightened your readers’ lives. He will be sorely missed.
        I am sure Andy will miss his brother, but I hope that with your tender care he will survive the loss. I hope you and Andy will provide comfort for each other.
        My thoughts and my prayers are with you, dear friend.

        • WordPress has been acting up, and I had difficulties responding to condolence messages, too. Regardless, I appreciate you thoughtful sweet remarks. I found them comforting, Dolly. I am going to try to continue documenting Andy and my journey for however it might help others deal with the loss of their animal companions. Of course, I will be happy for suggestions from people who’ve made the journey before me.

          • My suggestion will be irrelevant, dear Doug, because when we lost Shabbos the cat, my husband and my younger son cried with me for two weeks. Then my husband quoted the famous line “A house without a cat is not a home” and got me busy looking for a rescued kitten to adopt. It so happened that we didn’t want to separate siblings and loved both at first sight. I know that this is how you felt when you saw The Adorables as babies.
            My older son lost dogs twice, and my granddaughter who was affected the most, created little memorials: small shelves in her room dedicated to each one, with photo albums, a leash that had belonged to each, and their favorite toys.
            Have you found out the cause?

          • I have a photo of Dougy in a box, looking like a Turkish pasha surveying his domain. It is characteristic a makes me smile. That photo of him as a kitten with his paw on my arm has the same effect. Of course, I have hundreds of photos and videos of him. As for a cause, I will continue the blog as best I can. I don’t think I will replace Dougy, though, because of my medical issues and age. I will concentrate on giving Andy a loving home, paying attention to fun activities that involve us both. He’s been hanging out more with me than in past, too.

          • I haven’t heard yet from Dougy’s veterinarian. Andy has a routine appointment Monday. I hope Dr. Y. can give me some answers then.

    • I think the tail business allowed the kitty boys to have their dignity intact. I know Andy freaked out when a small patch was trimmed to take his blood pressure, the reason I asked that the tails be left intact.

        • ?The kitty boys are on an adult kitty food that is meant to help them control weight and other beneficial things. I had a cat that got heavy on csat food he would eat, a cheap brand. The kitty boys are more disciplined, fortunately, but their food is the premium stuff designed to be easier for Persians to eat. Louie the ginger cat liked deli turkey breast as well as the food that made him fat, and he got up to 10 or so kilos. Of course, he was a large tabby cat so didn’t look fat.

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