23Jul20: Andy’s day, yesterday…


Andy’s at an age for cats – nine – where a comprehensive medical checkup is a good idea, unless you’re Andy, above in his carrier. The report is he was a “good boy” while there.

Andy was at the clinic from 7:30 till 2:00 yesterday. When we finally came home, he ran through the apartment, happy to be back in familiar territory, and trying to figure out what his priority for the moment was: eat, sleep, drink, groom, play?

He hopped on the stacked carriers to think it out. Oh, and to take a nap. That was easy!

Andy’s veterinarian had an emergency to deal with when I went back to the clinic to get Andy, so I will go to the clinic after dialysis today to learn the results of Andy’s checkup.


Ann Adamus of  Zoolatry created this badge of Dougy. I will attach it to this blog as soon as I feel up to finding the place where I do that. I think I remember, but am exhausted today. She did a beautiful job. Dougy’s on his ottoman in this photo, which I find appropriate and typical of my kitty boy. RIP Dougy.

dougy memorial ann adamus of zoolatry


41 thoughts on “23Jul20: Andy’s day, yesterday…

  1. Purrayers that all is well with Andy. After Dougy’s sudden death, we were hoping you would have Andy checked out for any unforeseen problems that might be hereditary.

  2. Ann makes great badges though I don’t want one anytime soon if you know what I mean. Glad Andy was a good boy at the vet, and it is always reassuring when you get set free back at home. No place like home.

  3. What a good boy Andy, that’s a long day. Pearl has to go for her check up next month and does not like going in the carrier either.
    We hope the report on his overall health is positive and you two are staying cool in this heat. Andy is lucky he had his furs trimmed just in time! 💙💙🐾

    • Yes, the heat is a problem, but we keep comfortable inside. Yes, he was fortunate because his old groomer decided to stop taking cat clients when the person who trimmed cats took retirement. Not everyone wants to groom cats! The old groomer did recommend a new person who has a mobile shop and comes to you to give her service.

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