30Sep20: Andy has better stuff to do.

Andy has better things to do than play with me this morning. Rats!


I got my ballot in the mail yesterday. I spent a few minutes registering my choices and feel relieved, relaxed again. Now it’s up to the rest of America to finish the process. I mailed my absentee ballot request on September 3rd, but these ballots weren’t mailed till 20 or so days later. In the meantime, I got a little early ballot request post card in the mail, setting up some anxiety. Should I use the request form from the County Clerk instead of the one I printed out from the Nebraska Secretary of State’s website? Silly me~! He’s the one who supervises all the election boards in the state and that form has a color Nebraska State flag on the upper left hand corner. How cool!

Β The instructions on the back of the mailer say not to fold your ballot. Apparently that’s the United States Postal Service’s job. My ballot came folded in half.Β 

31 thoughts on “30Sep20: Andy has better stuff to do.

  1. This is the only thing to do about politics… You did great. Good Luck to you and to your country. Whoever wins it is important for our country too… you know. I hope and wish future is better than yesterday… Andy is great a characther. Thank you, Love, nia

    • Nia, I’m holding my breath. Frankly, if he loses and refuses to leave, I don’t care how they remove him from the White House: forcibly or in a body bag.

      • Now I heard that he was infected by the virus… You know our problems about politics are same… We Love, nia peaceful wise people…

        • Yes, and I hope it “helps” Trump to realize his anti-masker attitude has consequences. Yes, we have very similar problems, don’t we?

    • No. I think Andy is enjoying being the only cat from the way he behaves. I was concerned at first, but he doesn’t act like he misses having another kitty around since he has the whole place to himself now.

        • Awwww! Bear cubs are extremely cute! (And playful!) After Andy greats Dougy, I probably won’t get another pet or pets. At my age and with my health issues, I am concerned about what happens if i die first. Andy’s fate has been worked out, so I am comfortable for him and his future in that instance.

          • ya,cats are secretive about passing aren’t they. I hear Elephants are the same way.
            Well,you’ll all be one happy family. I assume every animal you have ever known will greet you? Which begs the question….will they all get along with each other? How many cats/dogs have you had Doug?

          • Starting at birth: my grandmother’s dog Laddie. He was very protective of Baby Dougy, and spent a lot of his day at out place since there were four of us children. Lots of food opportunities around meal time. Then there were the rabbits: Frisky I, Frisky II, and Frisky III. The first two were killed by dogs. The third died a natural death. I had hundreds of tropical fish, a couple turtles, a lizard. Around age 11, I got my first (and last) dog, Peanuts, who was a comedian! He was a friendly, ornery black dog with a beautiful white chest. He had exactly seven white hairs on the tip of his tail. After I grew up, I had no more pets till I retired. It seemed wrong to have a dog or cat till I could spend time with them. My first cat, Freckles, was a grey tabby. She was such a sweet kitty, a lap cat by choice. Unfortunately, she died after being spayed. It was unexpected and so sad I’ve never had another female cat. That was in 2009. Then I got Louie the ginger cat. He was meant to be Freckles’ companion, a role he handled well for the short time they lived together. Louie, like Freckles, was a shelter cat. He died 22 months after I got him of lymphoma, another shocking death. While picking up his ashes, one of the technicians at the animal clinic brought out this little furball, Andy, That story is in one of the pages at the top of the blog posts. Dougy came next, and you’ve been with me long enough to know about him. It will be quite a large group of critters! I suspect Dougy will have claimed all of heaven by the time we get there, and will have an ottoman no one approaches!

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