09Nov20: Monday, Andy goes to work…

Monday’s just another workday for Andy, and he’s hard at it!

Of course, after hard work, kitty takes his siesta!

33 thoughts on “09Nov20: Monday, Andy goes to work…

    • I retired on 31 January 2009. The moment I stepped out of my work place, I knew it was what I was born to do – nothing! LOL! Andy knew this by being born a superior being, a cat.

  1. Andy is beautiful! He is definitely working hard! It’s great to be back on WordPress- there have been tons of changes for the humans around here- and a new addition- and she works hard too- at keeping my Can Opener busy!

    • Snow last night, slush, cling to the wheel wells of your car and lock the front wheels in place if you don’t knock the slush off before it freezes snow. I also take the precaution of putting the wipers in the service position (up, not down where the snow/slush will freeze them in an awkward place), and back my car into the parking place so I have the drive wheels of my front wheel drive VW Golf Sportwagen (sic) ready to pull me over the road block formed by the guy clearing the lane. I feel I’m already ready for tomorrow! That slush will be frozen into ice.

      May you have a dandy week, too, John!

      • I remember the slush removal thing, Doug. I’d knock it out of the wheel wells, then shovel it out of the garage and to the sides, a pain in the butt! Good idea to turn the car around!

        • My first car, in 1973, was a 1970 VW Beatle. That’s how I learned I had to make the wheel wells clear of slush. How I learned was when I took off from the curb and the steering wheel didn’t work! LOL!

          • No, but I suspect the best examples “live” in places like California. There are a few in my town now, but seem to be project cars or cars reserved for sunny days (convertibles).

    • You know it! We are early risers here. Benjamin Franklin piut it “Early to bed, early to eise makes a man [something, something, and something]!” …healthy, wealthy, and wise. Hee! Hee! I knew it was something smart, though he missed out on how it help kitty boys. I bet he kept a mistress instead of a pet. (I know he did.)

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