07Dec20: censorship…

I see Andy’s eye watching me watch the film noir movie. Would he move so I can see the captions, maybe even enjoy the denouement of the film? Noooo! He holds tight to his spot on the television stand, blocking the captions!

The movie ended oddly with what seemed more like a Frank Capra ending instead of a noir note that matched the rest of the movie. What?! I guess Andy was trying to save me that. Thanks, kitty. You are the bomb!

30 thoughts on “07Dec20: censorship…

    • There are some films, recently, that I noticed cats got a few lines and significant roles necessary to advance the story, but mostly you guys just get tertiary roles as villain’s props. Hiss! Hiss!

    • And join in if he were a house guest. I guarantee it! He seems to sense when a film is in a language other than English or that the dialogue is spoken too fast or too mumbled that the captions help me follow along.

    • That’s worse, I think, than Andy just stretching out to block the captions because your cat clearly enjoys being a bother! LOL!

        • The man was an ex-con (killed his abusive father when he was 13 or something). He returned to town after his 20 years incarceration, gets involved with a blonde floozy at a dance studio, stops by her apartment and find an abusive guy there with the floozy. The abusive guy brings back his murder, so he gets involved in a fight with the abusive fellow that ends in him knocked out on the floor, the floozy picking up a gun that belonged to the abusive fellow….stuff happens, she shoots the abusive fellow, who leaves the apartment and dies later that day in the hospital. Turns out he was a police detective or something like that, and the felon and the floozxy realize they are in deep doo doo. They leave the city and end up in California on a lettuce farm, where they pass as a married couple till they get married – a dream marriage. LOL! Anyway, the floozy had dyed her hair to become a brunette at some point I skipped. A couple with a young son came into the story during the flight from the law, and they also took them th=o the lettuce farm where they worked before. So, the son sees a photo of the man in a crime magazine where he is identified as a murderer of the detective. He tells his mother and father. In the process of driving to tell the sheriff the man and his floozy are living incognito in the lettuce housing, he has an accident. Did I mention there was a US$1000 in 1950 dollars reward for information leading to the capture of the couple? A bunch of things happened that Andy blocked and I missed why they decided the detective’s death no longer was a matter of homicide or why they couple should be smiling as they walked out of the courthouse, but they did at the end.

    • I guessed wrong, thanks to the odd ending where the bad guys get off with murder of a cop. Made no sense. They spent the whole movie getting in trouble and running from the law only to get off on a technicality.

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