18Jan21: Andy and Dougy back in time…

Andy’s always been a kitty boy that could play alone and be happy.

Dougy usually was the dominant kitty brother, but Andy could be a pest and dominate Dougy when he was in the mood.

Usually, though, the kitty brothers enjoyed each other and sought each other out for kitty fun! (Andy and I miss his brother. RIP dear Dougy. New subscribers may not know he died 15 July 2020, age nine.)


Once in awhile, it feels like I’ve posted the same thing twelve times in a row. On those occasions, I am glad I can pull a few videos of the kitty boys from my YouTube channel. Old videos of the kitty brothers, Andy and Dougy, remind me of how much fun and joy it was to have two kitties interacting with each other. For those who remember Dougy, the last video is especially fun to watch.

20 thoughts on “18Jan21: Andy and Dougy back in time…

  1. Dougy was guarding the tunnel well under the kitchen in the first video, to make sure that nopawdy, including Andy was stealing food from the castle’s reserves.

    Mr. Doug, Mom says she wishes she had taken more videos of me when I was younger like you have done with Andy and Dougy. I don’t play much these days.

    • Thanks, Michel! I enjoyed making them, then Microsoft’s editing app was dropped. I’ve tried other programs, but found them needlessly complex in comparison.

  2. It is good to see Dougy cat again, especially with brother Andy. They are special kitties. It is good you have all these pictures and videos to remember Dougy. Readers love them too. <3

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