05Mar21: Andy’s realization saves his day…

Andy resists a chest “scritch” until…

…oh yeah! He remembers he love, love, loves to have his chest “scritched”! 

That was too close, Andrew. You almost lost out on a good “scritching”! And you know I always end it by “scritching” that little end of your jaw that you can’t “scritch” well by yourself!

15 thoughts on “05Mar21: Andy’s realization saves his day…

  1. What’s this about nt being able to scritch that certain area of your jaw. Andy, have you not learned the fine art of face sharpening? I taught this to Tyebe before she was 6 months. Simply get a corner of anything…the glass in the shower, a table….just about anything and shove each side against the corner. You can also get that hard to reach spot in the middle of your chin.


  2. I think he did at first, but he soon learned that he could have any place in the apartment for his personal space. The only place he won’t touch is the ottoman unless there is a lapboard on top of it. It must be really saturated with “Dougy scent”!

    Andy love, love, loves that Chewy box, too! Of course, any box delivered is one he has to verify is “cat friendly”!

  3. 😿 Dose Andy miss Dougy ❓ sorry for asking but I care about you guys 😉 😻 Washe licks Emmy Lou’s ears now and then, adopting her a yr ago was a good thing for my 15 yr old tom cat she will be 2yrs old come September 😸 Happy happy to ya and may the ‘tootsie rolls’ and hairballs end up close to the sand box. Both my felines sit in the window first week every month waiting for FedEx to drop off that big ‘Chewy’ box ❗️

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