06April21: Wanna play, Andrew?

There’s something about the wand toy wrapped up and pushed through a paper towel tube that trips Andy’s play/hunter button. 


But (pun intended!) first…

Andy quickly lost interest in the first temptation, so I brought out the big guns: a bottle cap that I tossed out in the floor. While I fumbled around trying to get a photo, he batted it around like a proper striker trying to position for that perfect shot at the goal, then swatted it under the ottoman. Goal, for sure, but the “press” missed the winning shot!

13 thoughts on “06April21: Wanna play, Andrew?

    • Andy wishes he could have some of his kitty friends over for a proper game followed with a session sniffing and eating catnip!

  1. Bottle caps are a favorite here! The rope and tube might be like a mouse coming out of a hole in the ground. Nano used to sit and watch the shower drain for hours. I suppose it looked like a gopher hole to him. 🙂

    • How true! Andy and Dougy used to play a chase game that was cute to watch. I do miss that when I think of the poor late Dougy. I wonder if Andy thinks about that, too.,

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