17Apr21: What’s on your agenda, Andy?

Andy poses for his best “Noble Rin Tin Tin” impersonation, never mind he was a doggo! 

“Get ready! Now I’m going to do…

…my best impersonation of a kitty taking a nap!”

That Andy! What a great impersonationist! Here’s his absolutely best impersonation, though:

See what I mean?


18 thoughts on “17Apr21: What’s on your agenda, Andy?

    • I was surprised how much it reminded me of the other one! One thing I found out, too, most photos of the sphynx are taken from its right side.

      • I grew up with Standard Poodles and Tiny Toy poodles but haven’t had a pet since the divorce in 2016. It doesn’t fit my lifestyle right now but ya never know! She took the Shizu, sweet little dogs, I love the breed.

        • They are exceptionally sweet dogs…and really, really, really cute! My former neighbor got one because they are good for people with pet dander allergies. (Nonallergenic, or nearly so, I understand.) He was so sweet and delightful, they got a second one to be his companion. The home was more than twice blessed to have two of them!

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