22 thoughts on “27Apr21: upset for some reason….

    • Yes, and Andy was upset because we didn’t do a little ritual where I open the cabinet door for him to examine the interior for mousies. All the time he looks for mousies, I praise him for being a good kitty and pet him and stroke his face. He really likes this little ritual, it seems, especially when I say, “There aren’t any mousies, thanks to you, Andy! What a good kitty!” (I guess he understands what I’m saying more than I realized. Gad, was he in a sour mood after I neglected this little ritual!)

    • See my response elsewhere: I forgot to give him his little “What a good kitty! There aren’t any mousies, thanks to you, Andy!” ritual at the cabinet in the kitchen that day, and he was really sour after that! LOL!

    • He was better later after I did the “good kitty” ritual I describe in other comments today. I didn’t realize how important it is to Andy.

    • He’s on a prescription kitty food that he actually likes, thank Ye Gods! It even smells good enough to smear on bread, not something you can say about some pet food. (It’s a chicken pâté.)

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