25May21: new fun with an old toy…

The Neko Kattipede! Andy hasn’t seen this in some time.

It interests my kitty boy! 

He takes a closer look.

The classics are the best!


Saki, Andy’s Seattle kitty “cousin”, lines her mousie toys in a line. I told my sister, Saki’s “hoomin”, that Andy takes after me – things land where they land, and tough! Maybe I should trade kitties. LOL!


16 thoughts on “25May21: new fun with an old toy…

    • Yes, it is! After playing with them for a long time, they need to be retired for a time before they are fun again!

    • Andy love, love, loves it, though sometimes I have to put it away for awhile so it feels fresh and interesting again. Same with all kitty toys.

  1. The Kattipede is an interesting toy! That looks like a fun one for Andy with all the legs on it!

    Saki is a beautiful kitty, and I like those mousies all in a row. It’s nice to see Andy’s extended family, too!.

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