12Jun21: Andy gets a haircut!

Dodi, Andy’s groomer, and a not too happy Andy. Spa day done!

After he came out of hiding, Andy had a kitty snack, then…

…he tried to clean off the perfumey scent. (Hair conditioner? Soap? He’ll smell nice for a few days, then he’ll go back to scentless.)

I’m really pleased Andy now can handle the unseasonal heat predicted for the coming days! 

Kool and cool! Andy is comfortable now.


It was Dougy’s turn to show up in the Facebook memories today. Here the late kitty boy is in what became his favorite tub.

Today would have been my mother and father’s 84th wedding anniversary. I, their youngest child, am 73 years old. Tempus fugit for sure!


32 thoughts on “12Jun21: Andy gets a haircut!

    • That is one of my all time favorites of the late Dougy. It was his thing! I am pleased with Andy’s new haircut, too. He definitely is more comfortable with all that hair trimmed short!

  1. I love the photo of Dougie cat in his favorite tub, and Andy does look set for hot weather now! It’s been in the 60s here, but temperatures are supposed to start climbing today. Stay cool!

    The years do fly, for sure. I often think about that. Happy 84th to your parents, and I’ll ditto John – blessings to all of you.

    • Yes, it is a favorite of mine! It was so typical of Dougy. Andy does boxes, but Dougy was boxes, tubs, anything he could climb into or on.

  2. I’m sure Andy will be happy now that it is over. I will be 58 next month and while it is relatively young, I do think about my own mortality more since my father died at 59.

    • That is natural. Let’s hope you beat that age! In my family, people tend to live into their 90s, yet I have enough serious medical issues I wonder about my mortality, too. (I arranged for Andy to go back to the person who gave him and Dougy to me me back in 2011 if I die or end up in a care center before he dies. I’ve been tempted to adopt a kitten from a litter one of the people in dialysis has, then I think about the mortality issue again and how tabby cats can live into their late teens and 20s. I’d be in my 90s!)

  3. Today would have been my mother and father’s 84th wedding anniversary. I, their youngest child, am 73 years old. Tempus fugit for sure!

    Isn’t it strange, thinking about one’s parents and then realizing you yourself are “of an age?”

    I still can’t believe both of my parents are gone, they loomed so large in my life. But now I’m a “Grandma” and my young grandchildren think I was alive when dinosaurs roamed the earth…or when Lincoln was president… or when cowboys brought your steak on four hooves to town. I love saying, “Back when we hitched the triceratops to the wagon to buy mastodon steaks at the tar pit….” (Please don’t say I’m being anachronistic.) It makes them scream with laughter, though to be frank, there are some mornings where I do feel like a fossil.

    Andy’s haircut is so CUTE!

    • I speak of when dirt was invented, an event that happened after I was born, so the triceratops story is very credible to me. LOL!

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