28Jul21: videos again…

Andy and Dougy sometimes had a day…!

Here the kitty boys are after day at the groomer’s!

Peacock feathers are/were a solid hit with Andy and Dougy, though they don’t last much beyond one play session.


Minding his business, Andy…

…confronts an intrusive hand.

What’s happening?

A tentative nip might stop the intrusion, as does the added foot.

Andy adds a bit of claw, front and back…

…and a bit of bite

Front paw, back paw, and bite don’t totally do the trick. The hand insists on intruding. Andy is pissed! When the hand acts like it might’ve got the message – finally! – Andy puts full claw into action, digging into the hand: DO NOT PISS THE KITTY!













26Jul21: a bit of this and that…

My old 69th Signal Company (Photo) pal, Dan, “messaged” this photo to me a few days ago. That’s Dan on the far left and me on the far right. Half a century after the fact, the setting seems familiar yet not familiar. It’s probably on the sound stage where we still and motion picture photographers spent our time when not on assignments.

Andy love, love, loves it when I put a straw inside a magazine. He tries to take it out, play activity that seriously amuses my kitty boy! Cheap fun. He’ll play longer with a straw than just about anything.

25Aug21: Including a snow adventure for Dougy!

Andy plays when Andy is in the mood. Period!

Purr! Purr! Purr!

Dougy loved the snow. I let him take a little snow adventure for this video.


24Jul21: A first visit to the groomer and play time…

Their groomer recommended a less extreme teddy bear cut that looks much nicer on Persians, I think! This time, though, it was their first time at the groomers, and she just did a shampoo and detangle on their coats. 

Andy gets a surprise while snooping on a box by the waste paper basket….

Dougy always enjoyed a good play session!

23Jul21: Andy and Dougy at play and an incident…

 Andy and Dougy love, love, loved it when my late brother Dick came for his annual visit!

No one admits to anything around here….

Play time for Andy and Dougy!

22Jul21: Andy and Dougy at home….

What’s Dougy’s plan for Andy?

Classic Dougy!

Andy joins Dougy for a bit of back door entertainment..