30Sep21: “Antiques Road Show” for kitty boys?

Andy is fascinated by this WWII flight jacket…

…so much so he doesn’t see me taking his photo!

The unit patch especially holds his attention!

Silly kitty!

22 thoughts on “30Sep21: “Antiques Road Show” for kitty boys?

      • A flying cat? No, though he gets lots of speed when zoomies hit him, and he hops and jumps all over the furniture and high places. (When I was a little guy, I though if I stuck my arms out like wings, ran into the wind, and lept up, I was flying! Perhaps that’s how he flies, too!)

    • I know what you are dealing with – small screens are hard to read and typing on a small keyboard is hard as well! Fortunately, it was clear what you were asking in “smartphone-ese”!

    • I was just telling Andy that. He is really pretty just now that his hair is approaching Persian length. I almost feel like cancelling his groomer’s appointment and letting him go natural, though then there is the problem of mats and poop balls clinging to his rear end…

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