01Nov21: he knows his name…

Andy hops onto the television stand to avoid me.

Maybe a bit too obvious, so he hops onto the ottoman.

He can ignore me, too, close up!

The little poop!

Yeah, rub it in my face.

Pretend you are unaware of me again. “You don’t exist. I am cat!”

“Andy!” I say his name, and he gives himself away. He knows his name. He knows who I am! I exist!


If you are familiar with Jean Cocteau’s classic “La Belle et la Bête”, you will note the beast bears a very close resemblance to a Persian kitty, Andy even! LOL! 


Día de los Muertos-eve is today for my Mexican and Mexican American friends and families. To those who observe this holiday I send this greeting: “No se pare en mi tumba a llorar. No estoy ahí. No duermo.” No, I’m still above ground, so maybe I should say, “¿De quién es la vida que celebras hoy?” 

To many non Hispanics, Día de los Muertos may seem morbid, yet there is a loveliness about celebrating the lives of the departed with food, drink, flowers, family on both sides of the earth. Greetings to you on the Day of the Dead, tomorrow! 

Day of the Dead: How, Where & When to Celebrate This Year | Cake Blog (joincake.com)

The holiday is a three day event. Which day actually is the Day of the Dead is confusing to those who don’t observe it. October 31 is Halloween; November1st is All Saints Day; November 2nd is the actual Día de los Muertos. Regardless, a notable tip of the hat to the holiday occurs in Malcolm Lowry’s novel, published in 1947, Under the Volcano. It’s a bit of a slog to read (which I have), but here’s a Wikipedia summary of the book for people who find anything by Lowry “a bit of a slog”. And, all the drunken action takes place on All Saints Day, November 1, 1937.

Under the Volcano – Wikipedia

A movie was made of the novel, with John Huston directing. Even with an exceptional cast, a Lowry novel in cinematic form still is a bit of a slog. I didn’t think it followed the novel well enough, which surely wouldn’t have happened if the author had been around to micromanage production – Lowry was dead himself at age 47 in 1957; the film came out in 1984.