07Nov21: an Andy mug…

Of course, I have mugs with Andy on them, too. Dougy and Louie are featured on several others as well.

8 thoughts on “07Nov21: an Andy mug…

  1. That’s interesting that Andy deferred to Dougy. Quite natural when I think about it. Kali was able to ride on my walker but Shoko was not. Kali would actually run over and start fighting with her is she tried to get on the walker and Kali was very mild mannered. Shoko decided she didn’t realy like the walker that much.lol

    • Yes, Andy knew walking by the ottoman was dangerous, but, after Dougy died, he eventually realized he not only could walk by it, he could sleep on it.

    • Initially he seemed a bit lost. At that time, I thought about getting a shelter cat so he’d have company. Then I noticed he was adjusting, taking over all territories Dougy had till he basically claimed the entire apartment. I decided he was happier as a single cat and put off getting another cat. He’s a lot more extraverted now, too. Before, he was a bit shy and mousie, deferring to Dougy.

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