30Dec21: it’s called being a kitty…

Never too much sleep.

Stare at Doug so he knows it’s time for…kitty food!

Doug ignores the hungry kitty boy, so he watches a little television. Then… Andy puts on a real show about how hungry he is!

Kitty food makes a kitty boy tired! Time for a nap.

Later, Andy stares at Doug. It must be time for kitty treats, maybe ‘nip!

Better response time this time. Doug’s starting to be trained better to serve Andy’s needs! Secure and full of both ‘nip and treats, Andy prepares for another nap. 

28Dec21: Andy likes “The Repair Shop”…

I caught Andy paying attention to a new (for America) British program called “The Repair Shop”. It was playing as a marathon to introduce US viewers to the program. Doug love, love, loves programs where you get to see how things are done. Apparently, so does Andy!

When I saw Andy watching the program along with me, I called out his name. He looked back and gave me a “don’t-interrupt-me-when-I’m-watching-something-interesting” look.

See what I mean? 

He then went back to his program!



27Dec21: bird TV…

Andy was busy when I put up the birdie video….

…but he became interested when he heard bird chatter!

Yeah, catch the birdie!

Or just watch them and save your dignity!

26Dec21: minding his own business…

Andy settled down, minding his own business.

Soon, he was snoozing away. Then…

…Doug waved the heating pad cord by Andy! Well, close enough because it got Andy’s attention and he made a pass at it!

Then he got back to what he stopped by to do.

25Dec21: “Twas the night before Christmas…”

Andy can sleep through Christmas because he took care of all the mousies!

“But there were no mousies, Andrew! ” I tell mah kitteh.

“That’s right! I took care of them!” he says back.

23Dec21: kitty televison…

This photo of Andy watching television up close and Dougy watching from his ottoman came to the surface recently. Dougy liked “My Cat From Hell” and Andy has more eclectic tastes. 

Of course, keeping up with the news is important, too!

22Dec21: “Hey Andy!”

“Hey, Andy!”



“Andrew James Thomas! You pay attention to me!”

Well, Andy has his plan.