44 thoughts on “24Dec21: Christmas Eve….

  1. Beautiful photograph of your lovely Dougy and your dear Brother, feeling as you. Thank you dear Doug, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Hugs, and Love to you both, nia

    • Thanks, Mary. It is a screen print from a video I made when my brother visited several years ago. The late Dougy was being a naughty kitty, hopping up on the table, and my brother was complicit! My cats love, love, loved my brother, and they got really excited when he came for his annual visit. Those were great times, and this photo reminds me of how much we all loved and enjoyed Richard. His full, white beard created charming situations where children confused him with Santa, but, in his own way – he loved children and they responded well to him – he was very much like a Santa.

  2. Christmas is a time for memories but let’s keep them happy and warm. Time to remember crazy Christmas’s past. Like the huge turkey I cooked (about 18 pounds) and it slipped off the plate onto the kitchen floor! That sucker was heavy. Nobody saw anything so it went back on the platter. Everybody enjoyed the turkey dinner. lol

  3. Merry Christmas, Doug and Andy. That is a beautiful photo of your brother Dick and Dougy cat. Yes, same here too, those who will not be at the food bowl, or table. We lost my niece back in August, too.

    • Likewise to Andy and my favorite naught Weims! We really enjoy seeing what you are up to each time, and never are disappointed! (Andy tells me he plans on using some of them himself later. He especially likes it when you get into food or tear things up!)

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