25Dec21: “Twas the night before Christmas…”

Andy can sleep through Christmas because he took care of all the mousies!

“But there were no mousies, Andrew! ” I tell mah kitteh.

“That’s right! I took care of them!” he says back.

43 thoughts on “25Dec21: “Twas the night before Christmas…”

  1. Andy has successfully removed every mousie that even dares to challenge him. And Andy does not seek any reward for his service,,,except for those that he already enjoys as Lord and Master of the manor.

  2. Nothing like having a kitty on mouse duty! 🙂 Wishing you both a peaceful day to enjoy each other’s company.

    The weather report looks a bit better here in terms of temperature, though a mix of rain and snow is forecast for the week.

    • It’s a quiet one. I’m catching up on public television programs I’ve missed over the year and plan on watching the thousandth rebroadcast (!) of “The Wizard of Oz”, which I haven’t watched in a long time since it has always been heavily rebroadcast over the years. Always interesting to see how well old films hold up. I might listen to an old radio broadcast set I have for “The Cinnamon Bear”, which used to be rebroadcast annually between the US Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. It came out originally before WWII, and there are ominous allusions to the times for those aware of history and to racial profiling that wouldn’t pass today, but, heck, it’s just a children’s Christmas story so it must be OK….!

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