31Jan22: how all the parts hold together…

Sleeping Andy is amazing for how he…

…keeps all his parts together to sleep on such a little surface as the top of the end table.

(Yes, his right hind foot is hanging over the edge, next to his tail!)

“Because I am cat. What’s the mystery there?!”

30Jan22: an anniversary…

On January 30th, 2009, 11 AM, I began my early retirement from Parker Hannifin. I worked there, mostly in Quality Assurance, for just short of 36 years. Only one person had more seniority than I, and it was a running joke we had that I was going to work there till I’d worked one day longer than Mike. It didn’t happen, so I was never Nr. 1 in seniority.

Sadly, five of the people in this photo have passed. I was blessed to work with each and every one in the photo.

I think this must have been taken in the 10th anniversary year of the plant, 1982. Most of us in the photo retired from the plant, which went through major updates in products produced and equipment over the years and became a cash cow for various owners, the last of which, Parker Hannifin, was my favorite to work for. 


Retirement made possible getting my first kitty, Freckles.

Louie came shortly after.

And, of course, the kitty brothers, Andy and Dougy, followed Louie.

I’ve enjoyed my retirement!

29Jan22: Andy waits on his cat tree…

Andy waits for me on his cat tree. I always “scritch” and pet him when he’s in this position and let him know he’s a good boy. He is a good boy. See how the scratching rope is shredded? Andy did that while Dougy was doing the same to settees, ottomans, and any other scratchable furniture. Yes, Andy is a good boy! 

I made Andy wait for his good boy loving so I could take his photo.

Well, take two photos…. Then I rubbed his head, “scritched” his chest and chin, ran my hand over his back, and enjoyed making him purr! For his part, Andy raised his butt in the air when I pet his back, stood up for more loving, and let me put my head against him. It was a love fest! Andy especially enjoys these moments. When he thinks I’m headed that way, he hurries up and climbs onto the top of the cat tree. I enjoy these moments, too.

28Jan22: watching tv…

This came up on Facebook. Andy (left) and Dougy were watching television, according to the caption. It was fun having both brothers, especially when they interacted with each other. We miss Dougy.

27Jan22: business cards and Andy…

At one point, I thought “funny business cards” would be fun, though I couldn’t imagine using many of them.

Then I had a class reunion, and I handed out many of these cards. They became business cards after all!

This is the last one I had made up. Dougy on the left; Andy on the right. I probably should have one made with a recent Andy photo.

Do you have your business card with a pet or pets on it?


Andy chased me down to get him some ‘nip…

…but first he hid in the bathroom because he thought that was where I was headed.

(Actually, I was headed to the cat tree by the dining room table so I could give Andy some good attention before we worked out what he really wanted.)

26Jan22: in his face…

Weird what you can see in your subject’s eyes when you look up close.

My hand holding my smartphone while I take Andy’;s photo….

…and the same here!