07Mar22: our favorites…

It’s asparagus on toast with chopped boiled egg in a cheese sauce season again! It’s my favorite springtime meal!

Andy prefers to stick with ‘nip, all year ’round, but you knew that.

32 thoughts on “07Mar22: our favorites…

  1. Fresh asparagus is a wonderful thing! We have a small patch of it here and look forward to the first shoots.

    We had a clear night and 28 degrees this morning, but it will get up into the 50s today.

    • The sauce does have a bit of Coleman’s dry mustard in it. I used other prepared mustard if the Coleman’s is used up, a good Dijon mustard works nicely.

    • It is a simple dish that requires messing up three pots and a bit of timing to have everything done at just the right time.

    • Yes, it is! I planted some several years ago. The year before I moved from that place, it finally started to send tiny spears up. I never got the best of it. Rats!

      There are places in my state where asparagus planted years ago by early settlers (I guess) has gone wild. People who know where this wild asparagus guard the sites more tightly than the Lost Dutchman mine location secret and enjoy copious amounts of it in season. I am not one of those fortunate people. LOL!

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