15Mar22: more playtime…

Andy got excited when he saw the charger attached to my smartphone. 

It soon lost his attention, though, since it isn’t “mouthable”.

He ran behind the recliner, which sometimes offers a good hiding place from the string toy when Doug whips it back there.

Andy waits for the time being but will sharpen his claws on the cactus-shaped cat scratching post during his wait. The string toy will come whipping in shortly and Andy will make his move!

15 thoughts on “15Mar22: more playtime…

  1. J’ai oublié exprès un sac de croquettes pour Miss tricolore. Elle a fait un petit trou et elle est toute contente de se servir elle-même, en ronronnant 🙂 amitiés à tous les deux

    • Yes, I worried about cords when I first got Andy and Dougy, but they ignored them and chose different things to get into!

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