The soldiers of Australia and New Zealand suffered incredible depredations and losses in WWI. Their sacrifice in that war and all other wars is remembered each year on ANZAC Day. It originally honored those who served and died at Gallipoli.

As a veteran of another era, I salute them.


This film was made about Gallipoli, though it has some inaccuracies, typical of films about historical events. It is, nonetheless, a powerful anti-war film.

Veteran of Vietnam, former Governor of Nebraska and then Nebraska-elect Senator Bob Kerrey sang “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda”. 



10 thoughts on “ANZAC DAY 2022…

  1. I have not seen the film “Gallipoli” you mentioned, but have seen “The Water Diviner”. Bob Kerrey’s video was moving. Perhaps someday our species will be able to get along and war will be obsolete.

    • Kerrey is a curious fellow as a politician. He achieves a high position, then gives it up before he becomes one of those fossils who serve 12 terms and die in office.

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