01May22: Doggies enjoy the company!

Tootsie greets me at the door. She’s all excited and ready to play, especially that doggy favorite, tug-a-war or maybe just get a nice head rub.

Marco greets me at the door, too! He’s happy to get a nice back “scritch” and a “Nice doggy!” (Which he is!)

This is lots of excitement for my friend Donna’s doggies! All these people and food too!

After all the excitement, Tootsie settles down in her favorite place, Donna’s lap. Marco may join later. Somehow, Donna manages both at the same time if they insist.

All this time, Andy’s home alone. Who knows what he’s doing now!


Last Friday, a bunch of my Class of ’66 classmates and I got together for the monthly luncheon. Since it was hosted by Donna, I was delighted to get together with a couple of my favorite dogs, too! Tootsie likes to play and get lots of attention. Marco is equally thrilled to see company. Both are really sweet-natured doggies. I enjoy their company as much as that of my old human friends.

As I say to Tootsie and Marco, “Meow meow! Oops! Woof woof!

Hee! Hee! I get it wrong every time.