08May22: a better plan…

“King Solomon’s Mine” is on, Andy. Don’t you want to block the captions?

Gad! What a waste of Paul Robeson’s talent!

Maybe Andy has the right idea.

Never mind! Take your nap!

14 thoughts on “08May22: a better plan…

  1. I’m sad too at the misuse of Paul Robeson’s talents, but I’m guessing that this was the “best” offer he could get from Hollywood. I can remember even as a very young child cringing at the portrayal of African “natives” in grass and palm leaf skirts, waving spears and wearing bones in their noses while they tormented the white explorers, at least until Tarzan or some other white hero arrived to save the day. I also remember a librarian recommending the novel “King Solomon’s Mines” for summer reading! I was a fairly advanced reader back then, but I quickly said no thanks. A lot of those books written earlier in the century did not hold up well, even in the 60s.

    • I try to keep the time frame in mind when I see blackface performances or Louis Armstrong and his band in “ooga booga” costumes, playing jazz, something one film showed! If it isn’t too egregious, I may make it through the film, but anything in the earliest films through the 30s or 40s will takes effort to excuse.

    • Play an an African chieftain. It was better than servant or slave, I suppose, but it seemed a bit undignified to me.

    • It was a time capsule of a different time in America. I expected the black natives to say “Ooga booga!” or be cannibals with a big cooking kettle.

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