29Jul22: exploring…

Andy is looking for where I put his kitty toys. He’s close!

Day 73 without a laptop. Do you think I am being jerked around and lied to? I kind of suspect so.

14 thoughts on “29Jul22: exploring…

  1. I saw ghr laptop at the shop this week. As for giving up and buying a new I ne, as long as I can do what need to do on my smartphone, I will hold out. I am a pleasant fellow most of the time, but I also am Customer from Hell when I am jerked around. There pair guy has already learned that.

  2. That is a long time to wait. My son-in-law does computer repair, and he says that some parts are almost impossible to get right now due to supply chain issues. So maybe the wait is legit

    • He is a sweet a kitty as I have ever had or known!

      As for the laptop business, supply chain issues came up, but the landlord is slow on replacing the laptop damage in the flood in he building. The repair guy had to move to a new shop a block away. Actually, it is smaller. And it is a better location.

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