30Jul22: kitty massage…

The instructions say to let your kitty see and experience the sounds of the massager before using it on him or her. So far, Andy is wary of it.

What?! Seventy-how-many-days without my laptop or a suitable, equivalent replacement 🤔?

Woe is moi!

18 thoughts on “30Jul22: kitty massage…

  1. I know our kitties would avoid anything like the kitty massager that makes a sound.

    Do you have your own non-functional laptop back in your hands? Hopefully you did not pay them any money yet. Has the Better Business Bureau been any help?

    • We’re working up to using it, John. As for legal action at this time, no money has exchanged hands, the laptop was in need of repairs when he was trying to locate the repair part online, and my understanding of the law is I am not the injured party yet. I’m just the p.o.’ed one.

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