02Aug22: Andy loves a good “scritching”

When Andy wants a good “scritching”, he hops up on the back of the computer chair he and the late Dougy 🙄 scratched into a shredded mess.

22 thoughts on “02Aug22: Andy loves a good “scritching”

    • Both the late Dougy and Andy started on that poor chair literally as soon as I finished assembling it. Dougy didn’t surprise me, but Andy is famously good and known to us o lt appropriate scratchers.

  1. My office chair is getting worked over by Benji, despite my use of the squirt bottle! I’m glad I’m not alone! I guess nothing is as good for the claws as the human’s favorite chair! 😉

    • It came as a shock when Andy joined his known-to-be naughty late brother Dougy destroying that chair. Andy always has used the scratchers, with this chair being one exception.

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