29Aug22: finished for the day…

Even a favorite toy has to take a rest.

Andy’s played and played and played with the floppy 🥕 carrot today.

He’s decided it’s time to do something else.

18 thoughts on “29Aug22: finished for the day…

    • Every day since I found that toy in the end table that shows up in lots of photos on this blog, Andy’s wanted to play with the floppy carrot till he’s so tired he plays on his back!

    • Yes, a few days ago. I let it sit for a couple days before trying to set it up. Good thing, too, because it took a lot of mental strength to deal with resetting passwords, etc. I’m still trying to access WordPress to do my updates. Fortunately, I still can do it on my smartphone.

    • Yes, after “killing” the floppy carrot, he has to take a few moments to clean his face and chest of “carrot” juice. Lol! Seriously!

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