04Sep22: Mercury comes home!

The trip to her new forever home begins.

There is one complication…

…Mercury’s is not happy to go in the carrier! (Maybe she thought she was going back to the shelter….) 
Mariah recently lost her older kitty. After mourning her loss, Mariah decided she should find a new friend for Ziggy, her other kitty.

Mercury finally made it home and readily agreed this sure beats
the shelter!
The darling Ziggy!

Ziggy wasn’t totally in on the adoption plan. Cute as her new adopted sister is, Ziggy is not totally happy about it.

What’s that hissing sound? A gas leak?
No. Ziggy isn’t ready to share Mariah with her new friend. Mercury will be a bathroom kitty about as long as it takes, then she and her new sister will have a wonderful life with Mariah!

Mercury is learning to be a lap kitty.

Being cute comes with the territory, too!

Mariah is one of the dialysis team. She also is a great kitty mom! I know Mercury will soon become a happy member of the whole family. (Ziggy, it’s your job to be cute and teach your new sister the house rules!)