11Nov22: making Andy comfortable…

I moved the fan stand into the guest bedroom. Poor Andy! He likes roosting on the base of that fan, so was a bit lost for what to do.

Knowing cat proclivities, it was obvious I could restore Andy’s fan spot by tossing a couple magazines where the fan had been, more or less.

Andy immediately took to the change.
Andy is satisfied that he can sleep on it!

28 thoughts on “11Nov22: making Andy comfortable…

    • Thanks on both. I gained a lot as a member of the US Army and have no regrets for signing up when there was no enthusiasm for a Vietnam war or participating in military service even if you didn’t end up in that war. I lost a few friends because I voluntarily went in yet serving as a US Army motion picture photographer stationed in Kaiserslautern, then-West Germany gave me an opportunity to represent my country in a positive way to people only 25 years away in many cases from serving their country under Adolph Hitler. It led to some bizarre encounters! Mostly, though, it was a time where the economic recovery of that country was within 10 years of being complete and just under two decades of reunification. I was witness to little steps toward that process – Willie Brandt’s Ostpolitik, which led to his Nobel Peace Prize, and the opening of the access road to the exclave of the village of Steinstücken, an event I was there to film on the day it happened. All Germans weren’t pleased with Brandt’s work, amazingly, yet that simply highlighted the rebirth of a lively democratic process, where a wide range of political thought was again possible and had solidly taken root in the western part of postwar Germany. As a lower-case democrat at heart, it made me feel good about the French, British, and American occupation forces that helped guide the defeated 3rd Reich restore itself economically, politically, and physically, with an obliterated Berlin, in particular, rebuilt and once again a vibrant (and fun!) city. I came after the hard work was done in the west. Restoration of the country in the east still is ongoing, though the amazing Angela Merkel came from the DDR (east) side of the restored Germany, and she undeniably was about the best, if not the best Kanzler the country has had. She served from 2005-2021, so the Bundestag representatives elected by the German people thought she was suitable to lead her country.


    • Thanks! One of my best decisions was to sign up for the US Army in 1969 instead of letting the draft snatch me and send me to Vietnam. I got a lot out of the experience as a motion picture photographer stationed in Germany!

        • I also gained in appreciation for the benign approach the three occupying forces helped West Germany restore democracy, the economy, and the destroyed nation after 1945. If the brutal approach after WWII lead to factors that made Hitler possible, even inevitable, the policies after WWII lead to a much better and safer Europe for generations of Europeans. Yeah, Putin’s war in Ukraine is anomalous to that generalization, yet the EU and NATO, along with the US show the strength of decisions and alliances made in the post-war years.

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