14Jan23: Andy’s busy morning…

Stare at Doug a lot. He gets confused and can’t figure out what Andy wants! (Andy thinks it’s fun!)

Doug “skritches” Andy’s chin. (Andy thinks this was worth staring at Doug. >Purr Purr! Purr!<)

“Strumming his banjo” or “maintaining his precious”. (Andy doesn’t care what you call it. He love, love, loves doing it!)

Quiet time. (Andy wishes Doug would go away. He’s had too much of Andy’s time.)


Not much going on here today besides amusing my cat.

14 thoughts on “14Jan23: Andy’s busy morning…

  1. Hello, Doug and Andy – yesterday this Friday 13 th we had, my lady Persian and me, a terrible day ! she had a band of paper sticked in her thick fur. She was terrorised and became angry. I could not approach her to simply take this paper off. Scratch on my hand ! Blood ( a little ) I left her alone, vaporized Felize spray and … I could do the necessary. Evening and night quiet as always 🙂
    This stupid Friday 13th !
    Bon dimanche 🙂

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